AIRLIFT Procedure Videos

video:  AirLift Procedure Animation

video: The AirLift procedure performed by Dr. Jason Van Tassel, Fremont, CA

video:  Dr. Jefferey Kirsch, Conway, AR  performing the AirLift Tongue Suspension Procedure

video:  Dr. Valika demonstrates fluoroscopically guided tongue suspension for pediatric OSA

video: Endoscopy of AirLift hyo-mandibular suspension effect on hypopharyngeal airway on 4 patients

video:  Dr. Abidin Live Webcast held on 11/27/18

AIRLIFT Webinars and Interviews

video:  Dr. Boyd Gillespie, Dr. Ryan Nord and Dr. Mark D'Agostino discuss surgical options for treating hypopharyngeal obstructions in OSA

video:  Dr. Ryan Nord discusses hyoid suspension selection criteria

video:  Dr. Boyd Gillespie discusses hyoid suspension at the Houston Society of Otolaryngology Sleep Symposium, Feb. 25, 2021

video:  Dr. Tucker Woodson, Dr. Claudio Vicini and Dr. Ahmed Bahgat discuss hyoid suspension at the Virtual 8th annual Obstructive Sleep Apnea Course, 2021

video:  Dr. Taher Valika discusses Pediatric Fluoroscopically-Assisted Tongue Suspension

Procedure Support Documents:

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AIRLIFT Hyoid Suspension Procedure Step Overview
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AIRLIFT Patient Selection Guide: DISE