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AIRLIFT Hyoid Suspension Videos

video:  AirLift Hyoid Suspension Procedure Animation

video:  Dr. Heineman performs AIRLIFT hyoid suspension

video:  Dr. Heineman demonstrates procedural details of the AIRLIFT Bone Screws

video: Endoscopy of AirLift hyo-mandibular suspension effect on hypopharyngeal airway on 4 patients

AIRLIFT Multi-Level Surgery  in the Age of HNS

video:  Clinical Review:  When & where AIRLIFT MLS works

video:  What’s right for my patient - Traditional Surgery or HNS?

video:  Patient selection and  AIRLIFT airway effects

video:  Procedural decision making - costs & benefits

video:  Dr. Boyd Gillespie discuss multi-level surgery & hyoid suspension in the age of HNS

Encore Tongue Suspension Videos

video:  Dr. Valika demonstrates fluoroscopically guided tongue suspension for pediatric OSA

video:  Dr. Taher Valika discusses Pediatric Fluoroscopically-Assisted Tongue Suspension

video:  Encore Tongue Suspension Procedure Animation.

Other Videos, Webinars, & Interviews

video:  Dr. Thomas Heineman discusses "Filling the Treatment Gaps in OSA" with the AIRLIFT.

video:  Online Resident Course for the use of Hyoid Suspension in the Treatment of OSA (Drs. Gillespie & Heineman). Aug. 26, 2023.

video:  Dr. Boyd Gillespie, Dr. Ryan Nord and Dr. Mark D'Agostino discuss surgical options for treating hypopharyngeal obstructions in OSA

Procedure Support Documents:

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AIRLIFT Hyoid Suspension Procedure Step Overview
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AIRLIFT Patient Selection Guide: DISE
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