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AIRLIFT Hyoid Suspension Training Kit:
For use as a training aid when face to face training isn't possible.   
Included with this model:
  1. Training Model with hyoid bone and foam ball, 1 pre-inserted Bone Screw and 1 Suspension Line placed.
  2. 1 additional Suspension Line.
  3. 1 Inserter with Bone Screw
  4. 1 Threading Tool
  5. 1 Revolution Suture Passer
  6. 1 Lock Tool
Contact Siesta Medical to have this kit shipped to customer.
NOTE:  Tongue Suspension equipment included only if specifically requested. 
A return shipping label and cover letter will be included.
AIRLIFT Hyoid Suspension Demo Model: 
Used to illustrate how AIRLIFT works to patients.
Included with this model:
  1. Demo Model with hyoid bone suspended with AIRLIFT implants
  2. 1 Lock Tool for adjusting suspension.
Contact Siesta Medical to have this kit shipped to customer. Customers may keep this model.

call: +1 408.320.9424

fax:  +1 408.399.7600 


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